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It's time for District of Columbia residents to take our place at the table and demand the full citizenship rights we are entitled to as Americans.  The population of the District exceeds those of Wyoming and Vermont, yet we are denied full representation in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  For the past 30 years we've had symbolic leadership that just recently culminated in a partisan and symbolic vote on DC Statehood by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Symbolic leadership has real consequences for DC residents; Abuse of power by a federalized DC National Guard, designation of DC as a territory under the CARES Act, and an ongoing threat of federal interference in local affairs. 

Barbara’s history of coalition building and record of getting things done will forge the path to full autonomous Home Rule, DC Statehood, and equitable treatment of District of Columbia residents under the law. 

DC Statehood & Home Rule

DC Statehood is not a partisan issue, it is a civil rights issue that requires nonpartisan and independent action.  As an Independent Barbara will tirelessly advocate and build coalitions across the partisan divide and among all Americans to achieve full voting rights for residents of the District of Columbia.  

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Public Safety Reform

The time for change is now.  Barbara’s life-long pursuit for equality and justice has positioned her to drive the public safety reforms needed to eradicate systemic racism and its deadly consequences.

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Strengthening Health Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the health disparities that persist in the District of Columbia and the vulnerabilities of our health systems.  African Americans represent 74% of COVID-19 deaths, yet only make up 46% of the city’s population.  Barbara will confront health disparities, demand federal investment in minority health initiatives and advance the socio-economic policies needed to level the playing field.


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Barbara Washington Franklin for Congress
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